CA Course Details after 12th

His questions for MCC was:


Q: How Much Time Will It Take to Clear My CA Course After the 12th Examination?


MCC: We want you to understand the fact that CA is a holistic professional course which creates an analytical and skillful set of Accountants, who can meet the demand and expectation of the market.


The course is completed by clearing three main levels CA Foundation, CA Intermediate and CA finals. So if we can frame out a general schedule for you then the timeline for you to clear CA course will be as follows:


Process Months Timeline
Registration for CA Foundation course 31 December  2019
Appear in 12th std examination February 2020
Enroll for CA Foundation exam. April 2020
Appear for CA Foundation exams May 2020
Result declared July 2020 7  months
Register  for CA Intermediate level (both group) 31st August 2020
Appear for Intermediate exams May 2021
Result declared for Intermediate levels July 2021 1.7 years
Register for 3 years Articleship program July 2021
Register for final level after 2.5 years of completion of Articleship December 2024 4 years
Appear in CA Final exams May 2024
Result declared July 2024 4.7 years


The step by step process and CA course duration after 12th class will be:


Step 1:
Timeline in Clearing 12th std to clear foundation level = 4 months

*(Mandatory study period between registration and examination date is 4 month)
Step 2:
Timeline in clearing Foundation to clear Intermediate level= 8 months

*(Study period between registration and examination date is 8 month)
Step 3:
Timeline in Clearing Intermediate to clear Finals = 3.5 years

*(Articleship period is for 3 years and preparation leave took to prepare  for finals examination  is assumed to be 5 months)

Hence the total duration of CA course after 12th class is 4.5 years!”


CA Course Duration after 10th:


Q: Is It Possible to Register for CA Foundation after My 10th Examination? How Much Duration I Must Consider for CA Course After 10th std Examination?


MCC: Earlier student was eligible to register for CPT course after 10th std, but from July 2017 in New revised scheme of training, any new registration is seized under CPT. The new candidate applies for Foundation course, where eligibility to apply is only after appearing for 12th std. So, if you are studying in 10th standard in 2020, you will require a commitment of 6.5 years to become a CA.


If you ask us, How it will take 6.5 years to complete CA course after 10th std then you need to read the step by step timeline.


Step 1
Clearing 10th to clear 12th = 2 years

Step 2
Clearing 12th to clear foundation level = 4 months

Step 3
Clearing Foundation to clearing Intermediate level = 8 months

Step 4
Clearing Intermediate to clear Finals =3.5 years

“Hence CA course duration after 10th class is 6.5 years!”