CA Articleship Transfer in 2nd Year

Yes,you can take transfer at any point of time in your articleship period irrespective of reasons mentioned in regulation 56(1) provided your principal is ready to sign your form 109(Termination Form) .

Now may be you find this answer quiet contradictory to most of the answers given on quora in Negative with copying,pasting the as it is reasons as given in regulation 56(1) but reality is quiet different.

As apart from all those reasons as mention in the regulation, there is one other reason as well for termination in Form 109 on SSP portal named “Any Other Reason” in which you can just further mention the explanation of reason like Mutual Consent etc.(Note:Advisable not to mention Covid Now)

Once you mentioned the above reason, you have to just simply upload the NOC signed by your principal along with your Form 109 and it will take around 25–30 days to get your form approved from ICAI.